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New Players and Returning

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It had taken a while to convince three good friends of mine to try this game out, I’m a returning player who played back when the game was far more punishing early, I don’t know what has happened since then but the early levels It would seem are now a joke there’s no hardmode. I’m unsure as to how this will ever encourage new players to get into this game again as to be spoon fed everything they need as they grind the levels to the end game where I assume now the challenge is, we played for about 7 hours before they got sick of the lack of challenge and being unable to use any of the skills they had. I would tell you to revert these changes as they push away newer players trying to get into the game, there’s no way I’ll be back personally, I preferred having to dodge and use the mechanics to win a fight. The early game bosses were filled with nostalgia and hype for me as they were brutal. I don’t think I’ve ever posted on a forum but I really needed to voice my displeasure at how easy the early phases are now, I just wanted to put my perspective out there. I’m sure people have different opinions but that’s the vibe the four of us were getting. I hope there will be at least a thought as to the old heroic and hard modes and the difficulty of them, thanks for reading.