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Playing after 8 years and nothing has changed!

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I don't even know, where to start!

Farming(ITEMS/GOLD); been playing for almost 3 weeks now and I swear to god, farming for stuff has been the most annoying thing ever(Still the same old thing). Getting good drops is close to impossible... RAIDS after RAIDS and still nothing, keep getting the small drops( I know it's random and chances are less than 2%, but not getting anything for a long time gets Annoying, and it takes the fun out of this game). Even farming for GOLD is hard as well.

It's still a pay to get stronger kind of game..... or BURN OUT from FARMING and QUIT. NO wonder this game doesn't have that many players and it's slowly dying.

I guess it's time to quit again! I swear one of the best MMO out there, best gameplay and graphics.....however; repetitiveness and griding for one thing for weeks forget days takes the fun out of this game.