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Having issues with I assume the Prize Wheel

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in Bug Reporting
Ok so have a question. I am a new Player never played Vindictus before so thought would try it out. This Prize wheel that you use tickets on from doing Dungeons, Quests, Flashpoints whatever you care to call them. I been using the tickets to further help my game. Before I even try to spend money here to make sure I like it or not. But it seems the Prize Wheel is a Joke. Cause so Far I spin the wheel using the tickets and it lands on something and I get nothing. So is that normal? An if so why give us the tickets then? An if that is the case then is it even worth the VVIP or VIP or any of the Edel Crystals or worth it to even buy NX? Cause I don't want to play a game where the players get crapped on just so the corporate tools can make some money off me or any players. Anyways please help so I know if the wheel is broke or not, Thanks.