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Returning player questions and also worried

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Last time I played we had 6 characters only. (Vella was the last character I knew)

More characters, more content, more QoL and no more IP blocking looked like a godsent for this game, but then I see that a new update "Rise?" pretty much ruined all the challenge/fun of the game and transformed it from a master piece all the way down to a phone quality game that you can find at the google play store or something.

Can't believe they injected this "Energy System" that you only find in every single free to play phone game nowadays... what the hell?!

No more hero mode or 8 players raids?? Can't find these.

Also the bosses got nerfed hard I think and can pretty much be defeated on solo and you can get a new character from lv1 to lv70 in 1 or 2 days without any help. My main character is lv76 and took me weeks if not months of sheer effort and with the help of a very active guild to get there, but now you can "clear" the whole game alone it seems, which is stupid since the whole idea of a MMORPG is to play with more people right? or at least entice you to.

The crafting system got watered down to nothing and they got rid of some cool armor sets like the ever lasting dragon set...

What am I supposed to do with these now? I really got back stabbed HARD on this part right? I can feel it.


The AP shop idea is cool though. 10/10 right there! Good Job!!

I don't think many new players will stay nor the veterans since the devs are doing the same that many other game developers do nowadays.

Less challenge, more convenience. +sad


  • KirraKirra
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    None of what you had was really worth much pre-rise so you're fine.

    But the rest of what you said is true. I'd recommend running away before you commit. F2P is nearly impossible for a new player now so what's left are veterans who invested too much, whales, and weeb weirdoes who ERP in Ch1-5 or beg for girlfriends in mega.

    This game doesn't have much to offer other than AFKing an hour a day for a free outfit every summer/winter. The raids are easier and you can only run with 4 people at a time. You could hypothetically play this entire game solo now if you whale on gear - the only thing you might need a party for are Redeemers. However, even that becomes solo-able after gear upgrades.

    Honestly, if I didn't have as many friends who still like to play I'd have left long ago as the combat is great, but the lack of actual content is depressing. Even the newer chars now are getting easier and easier to play so they're starting to do away with the one redeemable quality they have.... If you like pre-rise content there are private servers floating around.
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    Wait, did they actually remove the IP/region block? I tried coming back to this game a few months ago, but the region block was still a thing, so I couldn't. Though even if I could, I'm not entirely sure I'd care for the game anymore. The combat is still excellent (I am eternally amazed that no other game has emulated Vindictus' combat system, that I know of at least). If there's no IP block now, though, I'd at least give it a whirl.
  • ArmageddalArmageddal
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    Well, by the sounds of what I've been reading on the forums here, I don't think there's any reason to come back regardless. I just hope that Blue Protocol offers at least a shadow of Vindictus combat once was.