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Text changes are confusing and inconsistent

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The "Skill Revamps" text changes in the v.2.74 update made some text worst.

"CRIT RTE +XXX Critical hit probability is increased."

In-game this shows as something like this: CRIT RTE +7%
This is VERY misleading on what it actually does. It DOES NOT increase the Critical hit probability by 7% and it DOES NOT add +7% critical rate. It add +7 FLAT Critical to the player's Critical Stat that is seen in the "Character" window. The way Critical Probability Chance is calculated is by this: (Player's Critical Stat - Boss Critical Resistance = Critical Probability Chance (Capped at 50 for all characters except Lann))

"Impact SPD +XXX Slowdown effect when striking an enemy sped up. Previously named as 'Penetration'"

In-game this shows as something like this: Impact SPD +10%
Impact SPD +XXX is a very poor name for what this skill does in game. When a character weapon hitbox collides into a monster's hitbox there is a slowdown effect. People generally call this "Hit Drag" since the attack is slowed down from boss collision. Impact SPD +10% sounds like the player is attacking faster when this is not really the case. What is happening is a reduction of the "Hit Drag" collision so it should be shown as a negative (-) value and reworded. Penetration was a better word for this but was still a bit poor.