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Mood Missions

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How to Do Mood Missions
In town, your character will randomly display an emoticon above their head, indicating that a mood mission is available. Press F1 to bring up the mood mission menu. Here you have 3-4 (not terribly descriptive) mission options. Press and hold the corresponding number (1-4) to select a mission, and details on what to do will be provided. You have 2 hours to complete the mission. Bring up the main menu and select "Moods" to claim the rewards.

On the gamepad, hold L2 or R2 to bring up the mood mission menu, and use the D-pad to select the mission.

Mood seals - 30 seals can be exchanged for Mood Emotes in the Seal Shop. Mood emotes will display above the character's head when an emoticon is entered in the chat. See the available mood emotes in the third post.

Buff - lasts 2 hours with effects depending on the resulting mood
  • Calm: CRIT RST +3
  • Joy: Luck +3
  • Mad: DEF +200
  • Off: BAL +2
  • Pumped: (M)ATT +200
  • Weepy: ATT SPD +2

Mood display - While a mood mission is available or a mood buff is applied, you can use the "/mood" command to display your current mood.

5-Star Mood Missions
Occasionally a fourth mood mission selection will be available, with 5 stars decorating the name. Completing this mission will give 2 mood seals instead of the usual 1.

Mission Descriptions

Tracking mood mission descriptions and resulting moods is an ongoing process. This post and spreadsheet should be updated semi-regularly.

Patch notes introducing mood missions


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    Selecting the Resulting Buff
    Thanks to Asdryu on Discord, we know that there is a guaranteed mapping from initial emote and mission selection to the resulting mood (and therefore the resulting buff). Not all data points are yet known, but those that are can be found in the "Buff Selection" page of the spreadsheet.

    For illustration purposes, the four most common mission options have been fully mapped:

    The easiest way to use the spreadsheet to select a desired buff is to filter the "Initial Emote" column to only show the emote your character has displayed. Then simply check your available missions to see what buff you will get from selecting them.
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    Available Emotes
    These Mood Emotes are available for purchase with Mood Seals. This includes the additional emotes added in the 2.75 patch.

    The Mood Emote name in the seal shop often differs from the command used to display it. Both are shown here, and can also be found in spreadsheet. Emote images were provided by Anthonytonyboy.