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Glaive Lynn bug/glitch

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1) During JadeFox, there is a big delay when trying to use Thunderleg consecutively.

I was supposed to dodge twice to get pass these spears, I was pressing spacebar but there was a delay on the 2nd dodge. This happens ONLY during JadeFox, Thunderleg sometimes is responsive, sometimes it is not (very noticeable for anyone who's been playing glaive lynn for quite sometime).

I have reported this to Lexiron (in Vindictus discord), and he mentioned that "it looks like one of your status effects wears off right before your next attempt to Thunderleg, which is more likely the source of the input delay."
--> I can reassure you that other status effects (besides JadeFox) have nothing to do with this delay. This delay when trying to use Thunderleg consecutively, ONLY occurs during JadeFox.

I've talked to other experienced lynn players and they ran into this problems quite often too.

2) Windstep iframe
I believe that Windstep window is supposed to give you full iframe. Yet, there were many instances where I got hit mid-Windstep.

IF I was wrong and Windstep is NOT meant to give full iframe. Please clarify this.
IF I was right and Windstep is meant to give full iframe. Please look into this issue.