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Iset Pet and other Gacha Suggestions

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The season 4 non-RAID dungeons have a pet bonus specific to the Gacha pets. When S4 first came out, a lot of people were missing the early pet series, Succubus and Iset. Luckily, a Succubus pet was provided with the first Gremlin Checkered Flag Attendance Event. However, Iset has not yet been re-released. This causes random days to not have a pet bonus for the dungeons for pet collectors.

It's probably not a surprise that in the future some time, the following sets will be coming to Vindictus:


I don't know when they will arrive, but whenever they do, these Anubis and Bastet sets' Egyptian themes I think would go well with being released along with the Iset pets in the same Gacha.

Another suggestion that perhaps is more time relevant, is for the upcoming New Year celebration. As many are aware it is the Year of the Ox for the Chinese Zodiac. While 牛 is commonly translated as Ox (castrated working male cattle), I believe it is not necessarily always a gendered term, 母牛 can be used to refer specifically to female cow and 公牛 can be used to refer specifically to bull. In other words, the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Ox can just as easily refer to the Year of the Cow.

Given the upcoming Year of the Chinese Zodiac Cow, I believe it would be fitting to release the upcoming Big Cow Udder China Dress, seen below (left):


I'm not sure how much time it takes to prepare the Gacha each month, but if it is not able to be put in to the next one spanning Jan 19 to Feb 16(?), the following Gacha can be appropriate I think because the New Year Celebration lasts until February 26, although not all of it is public holidays.

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions.
  1. Big Cow Udder China Dress for Cow China New Year2 votes
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    3. What about the Iset/Bastet (uh and Anubis I guess...) suggestion?
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