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Hot-time event: Same Departure number, more loot.

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Having 1 additional departure is awesome: more gold, more EXP, more AP and, last but not least, more LOOT!
But, most unfortunately, time is cruel and the clock cannot stop ticking!

I would also say that it may become pretty tiring having to clear everything from top to bottom 3 times (aka brain melting).

So what about getting rid of these 2 unpleasant inconveniences (time and brain melting) and just make so that, instead of having 1 additional departure on everything, each run yields an awesome +50% additional-everything?

+50% of gold, EXP, AP and cores (also including those that you get with luck, VIP/VVIP, Guild Skill and goddess guidance).

This way if you do 2 runs it will be just as if you did 3 cuz 50%+50% = +100% aka 1 additional run.

Less grind, more rewards, more time to engage in different content! +yay
Not to mention the fact that this change will be loved by those who prefer grinding one single boss (Siete coff coff)

P.S. also less fatigue spent...