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Should Kai have combos?

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edited December 23, 2020 in Kai
I'm a long time (bow) Kai player and I've always felt that his gameplay was lackluster. I assumed that because he was ranged that it was doomed to be so. Now that I've returned to Vindictus to play Eira (Dual Mana Pistols) I see that it's very possible for a ranged character to have combos. We can also see this in games like Black Desert and Genshin Impact.

Trashmobing currently is a mixture of strafing, retreating, Ricochet and Arrow storm. His mobility is nonexistent as he's the only merc that actually has to dodge with the default spacebar dodge. Other's can tap space to counter, blink, or tank attacks. Dodge Grapple is cool but you often end up using to make up for the time it takes to plant it.

I feel that Kai would be much more fun with just one bow mode (longbow obviously) and 1,2,3,4 + Smash attacks like everyone else. Other games have proven that an archer can attack acrobatically and remain completely mobile, weaving around enemies instead of backpedaling from them. Abilities like arrow storm and rapid fire could easily be made into right click smash attacks. Instead of standing still and shooting in a line, he could jump, flip and shoot arrows in wide cones like he does in his holding skill animation.

Just picture Eira's "Inverse Shot" on Kai. Or a 4 normals + smash to fire a rain of arrows into the air. Things like that would make him more viable and fun to play at all levels.

I love how creative and unique the Kai's kit is. I think it's so cool that he integrates chains, bombs and other contraptions into his bow fighting. But gameplay wise it could use a complete overhaul. That's just my opinion though. What do you guys think?