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1 - Count Additional Unbinding Coupon need updates

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Today we get the +1 Unbinding count coupon. It is kinda obsolete and pretty pointless in current game.
1) Normal players do not even have unbinds potions .
2) They do not work on Forever Bound (Boomed) gear

It was useful back then when we had these green colored runes, where you could enhance gear above +12 but you lose unbind count if it failed . But now we have reforging. Nexon should remake these to be like make some bound items like artifacts, I have a lesser cat artifact that I could give to an alt cause I already have greater. Or better yet I have a white kitty brooch that has been bound to my character ( I have Red Moon Brooch now). Why can't it make those bound items tradable. I know a lot of people who have event bound gears like
- Gremlin Doll Hat, an item that cannot be forged and it a gift item from story.
- Therapist gear
- PVP gear
- Item bought using the gathering essences
- NX items like butterfly wings, dragon wings and animal tails
- The Primal Flame weapons