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[SOLVED] Global memory allocation failure

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edited November 4, 2020 in Bug Reporting
[SOLUTION]: update GPU drivers, now it works normal.

Hello there

The game periodically crashes during loading screens and this window pops up
it appears to mostly happen after an Abyssal Arena run, but I noticed that it tends to crash anyway after a while the game has been booted (half an hour or 1 hour), and always during loading screens.

Right now, I have to take precautions and manually reboot the game from time to time in order to avoid game crashes during inconvenient moments.
Is there anything wrong am I doing that I can correct?

Thank you.


  • IcygoddessIcygoddess
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    Nah, it's just the game that doesn't manage its resources well enough, happens to some/most of us.

    It's a RAM issue from the game, meaning it reached its maximum of 4gb (being a 32bit application), from poor RAM management. As far as I know, it's easy to trigger by either being in populated channels, like ch.1, or through PVP game modes (like Onslaught, reminds me all those bans from this crash), and, I guess from your case, battles using many different assets like mobs or bosses.

    Best way to avoid this error would be to avoid what I said triggers it in the last paragraph, mostly populated channels and PVP. I don't, or very rarely, see that error on my end.
  • JacksawJacksaw
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    Thank you for your quick answer, this issue is quite annoying but it's good to see that at least we know what it is
  • JacksawJacksaw
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    it got worse, right now every loading screen has a high risk of causing a crash due to this "Global memory allocation failure" error message.
    Right now the game is simply unplayable, I was hoping for a fix this Tuesday, but nothing really changed!
    I uninstalled the game and re-installed, but the problem is just the same, but it appears to only affect me.
    I can't play and it's frustrating, the only thing I can do is solo content...

    EDIT: not even solo content.

  • JacksawJacksaw
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    I just crashed, I logged back in again, I tried to join another RaR and that's what happened:


    Abyssal Arena loading screen:


    Iron Fist loading screen:

    Queen of the Cursed loading screen:

    Rocheste by Sea:

    World of Pain:

    Brynn's magic laboratory, unreasoned crash:

    Entering the Guild House:


    [SOLUTION]: update GPU drivers, now it works normal.