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Two veteran players looking for a 20s+ guild

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>>Two veteran players looking for a 20s+ guild to make new friends & experience<<

Hi all. Me and my friend (mid 20s) are looking to get back into the game, we're looking for a 20s+ guild (tiny or big, active or not so active - no matter). Less so for a help in the game (I can host, we both are veterans and prefer playing in small groups for challenge), but more so to make new friends - even outside of the game! We're friendly, kinda introverted and we're not looking for voice-chat, as it ruins immersion. Possibly would like to dodge a guild with unnecessary social obligations.

We were in fact looking for a new MMO altogether, only to find out that the only thing we like is still Vindi. Kinda burned out on it, but perhaps a pair of new folks might make things fun again!

We enjoy the fashion aspect of the game, having a good chat and we're not too fond of brainlessly spamming raids for loot, so don't expect us to join on full-group trains too often. We enjoy the combat mechanics of the game which makes it about the only MMO that still feels challenging/fun. Personally, the most fun thing in the game for me is just taking on a boss in 2-3 ppl, stripped of the gear for lulz - or trying to learn a new boss. Would be sweet to find some folk who have the same mentality. We're not really familiar with the current end-game content.