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Arisha is missing 1 make up from Spellwhip Update

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Hello, this will be short one.

Enable to purchase unique make up option for Arisha. Its available on the korean servers but not on eu/us.

Its the new make up from Spellwhip update for her, you can even see her on the main login screen and promotional materials. It was called Elegant Make Up -


Here is the link to which one i mean^

Those are free money from us, players . Thank you kindly

PS: It would be very nice if any NX employee reads it and pass the information to the main developers that players want more make up options and more tattoo options. Because characters like fiona have a lot more to choose from ( make ups ) than newer characters. And current tattoos are really barebones and could use a slight visual upgrade and expansion. Time-limited tattoos or tattoos on inners were nice, but make them pernament options please.

Thank you,