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Are the newer raids getting more poorly designed?

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So new raid "Spearhead at Paradise Lost" or Rags, been out for almost a week. Fought him a dozens times but I am finding season 4 raids are getting worse gaming design wise. Not complaining that he hits hard but more on his animation of his attacks patterns. My three points are his attack animations, dumb instant kill and his last phase

1. His attack patterns are too fast. Actually it is more like there is no build up or indication which attack he is going to do. This has souls like battle where the player reacts based on certain animation we see on bosses. but this guy pulls off large AOE attacks and his attack can stretch far and swing roughly all around him. Remind me how bad Brilliant Lugh raid is, where most of his attacks are large cone shape blast that covers half the arena.
2. His OHKO grab. Not sure if Nexons thinks harder raids mean more instant kill moves. Cesar does it in the flame thrower phase, but we can react to it since it happens in one phase and his tell for that move is readable. Nyle has that chain debuff where his white flame attack will cause a OHKO (Why is there is no cool down timer for debuff or a way to remove the debuff yet) . But for Rags he can pull off this unblockable move fast with a little build up and can grab you from across the screen. Nexon we had a rule about dangerous attacks, That red attacks normally tell the players that a dangerous move is coming, where is that warning? This move is faster than Brigid OHKO but atleast she has a big tell for it.
3. His last phase the "Damned if you do and damned if you don't", so Rags makes the entire arena floor electrified which cause damage unless you fight near him, but my issue with it is that he move fast and the area that is "safe" for the electricity is also Rags attack zone. As a distance player (Staff Evie) this bloody sucks! I have to stay still to charge my slow spells (give ebies a bigger buff) so if Rags moves I get hurt, if I stay in the green area I get hurt because all Rags attack will hit me cause I am standing still. Or if I dodge away from blast cause my iframes sucks, I end up in the danger zone. This is latterly out of the frying pan and into the fire situation.

But all of this is my opinion from a poor ebie perspective and maybe after a few more runs I can predict his attacks more. Share your thoughts/Git gud, noob comment or useful help for this boss below.


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    get good. LOL
    As a Lann, I'll say this is my favorite S4 raid. You really have to be on your toes around this thing.
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    Be sure to check out LegendArma's video on Ragnahim if you haven't already: