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Need to know something about Balor.

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I've been playing this game a long time but I'd just do my raids everyday then call it a day, didn't make any time for the story, not that it is bad per se, it's just it didn't appeal to me to be doing that instead of raiding. But now I'm falling quite a bit behind people doing redeemers and with the release of Ragna guy even my best equipped character can't enter the battle (and I used to be the 31st ranked Fiona before I wandered off so by no means badly geared) so I figure I've gotta crack down on that. I unlocked Neam a long time ago and quit doing it after 51 runs. But that's as far as I got in the story. So now I figure I'd better unlock Balor and start earning his stats. But My brain is melting. I did all the Ceara stuff. I went to kill Dullahan twice, getting the Rirodan is taking the goddess fragment cinematic after the first one. How much longer do I have to go to unlock Balor? Please dear God say it's soon.