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Party can't connect to battle

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I'm new to this game. I go to a battle, I'm on the boat, I invite a friend, they click ready, I click START the battle, and the screen goes black, a message telling us it is connecting / preparing, and then after a minute it tells both of us there is a server delay, and it boots us back to town.
Neither me or her have any connection problems or delays with the game, except for this. The exact same thing happened a year ago with someone one else when I first started playing. Back then we assumed it was her bad internet. But this is a different person, great internet, so now I think I must be doing something wrong.
Me and my friend are level 10 and 12, we are doing a level 10 story quest. We're both on North American server.


  • NædrinNædrin
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    yeah this game is dumb, it doesn't like when you do the extra step of making a boat, like how when that was the only way to do it... smh. or maybe it only happens in s1/2 cuz they're like 'nnngh sOLo sPEedRUn iT!'? well... either way, i think if you just keep trying it it should warm up and work. at least that's what happened w/ me in a very recent experience.