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Leave Party during Battle ending sequence

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Hey on the v.2.67 Update they mentioned it is now possible to leave Party's during the Ending scene if you are a 1 Member Party. However I cant figure out how it is supposed to work. People told me /leave when I mentioned it but this doesnt work since it still say "do you want to forfeit the battle"


  • NædrinNædrin
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    "leave the party during the battle-ending sequence"... what does this even mean? that's the question.
  • NokaubureNokaubure
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    Its an unintended mechanic added back into the game, a "bug made into a feature", however its as obscure as before
    - kill the boss
    - press Enter, type /leave, press Enter (chat is invisible)
    - if done correctly, you skip screenshot part and get rewards instantly

    this only works in solo, makes BiR runs and malina raids a lot faster