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Brilliant Lugh Set on Kai nerf in shoulder pads

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edited September 5, 2020 in Suggestions and Feedback
Hi everyone. Happy saturday >:)). Hope everyone is doing well! I need your advice/suggestions on which Lugh set looks more better?

#1 is the Newer version

#2 is the Older version

Which one do you think look better? I sent a ticket to nexon support team and they said the first image was the one they intended. For all we know, the set has been gone for 4 months but this literally just hit me by storm lol. I know I am a outfit junkie. They told me to open a poll about it and see what the community say.

  1. Which set (shoulder pads height would you prefer?10 votes
    1. #1
       70% (7 votes)
    2. #2
       30% (3 votes)