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Bring Stimulant Items back / Remove unused skills

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I read a news on your page and it said that stimulant potions had removed from Vindictus. I played Vindictus since the first time it published and retired for about 2 years. Just came back to the game for 2 months ago. The stimulant items is one of the best items that supports player archieve their goals.


I agreed with your devs that it might make unbalance between characters, however that's only right in case you join a party.
Unbalance would never happen if you play SOLO. They (stimulant pots) are very useful if you use them for questing or challenge bosses alone.

I want you bring them back to Vindictus and set some restrictions, for example you can only use stimulant potions in solo mode.

There’s another matter relating to the skill “Intelligence Mastery”. I saw you remove “Strength Mastery” of Eira recently since she is the character intelligence based, but when I checked with other characters, I found many characters strength based had “Intelligence Mastery” in their skill table:

- Lethor
- Grimden
- Belle
- Kai

I hope you will remove it soon from their skill list.