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Eira: 2nd weapon - Noble Rifle(wo)man

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edited August 29, 2020 in Eira

So, I was thinking: what about a second weapon for our beloved gunslinger Eira (a.k.a. the "glass cannon")...
I pictured something similar to a long-ranged noblewoman with a badass mana-rifle.

Yeye, I know that it already exists: Lian from Paladins


Honestly, I think that right now Eira is a little bit squishy (rightfully), and many people tend to use the TabTabRR combo to keep their distance from the boss and play safe (me too in some fights)
So, having a long-ranged spec wouldn't hurt!

Probably it's going to be something like:
1 - Mana Revolvers: Fast light attacks, less aim required, great AoE DPS, close range
2 - Mana Rifle: Slow heavier attacks, better aim skills required, great single target DPS, long range

So, what do YOU think?

- Have you imagined some other fancy second weapon specs?
- Maybe some new possible juicy skills to accompany this new second weapon spec?

As always, have a nice day and...
See you at Cohlen Hot Springs! ^^
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  • ArrowzArrowz
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    I would say your idea is okay but maybe it need more details on how she uses her new second weapon. Personally I want "Dual Gatling guns" as Eira's second weapon like one of our female boss in game now. I don't remember that boss's name though. Haha.
  • IngkellsIngkells
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    considering teide, i woudlnt expect much from a rifle. and considering the skills she already has, she should use a spear while jumping through portals. or use those spears in some sort of auto ballista. like a crossgun but bigger.
  • JacksawJacksaw
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    what about a machine gun?
    jokes aside, a spear would really be interesting!
    maybe a mana spear which lauches void bolts? just like a staff or something

    anyway I would prefer a long range weapon, because right now you have to be very close to the boss in order to hit him/her