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Abyssal Arena 2.0

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Hello there ^^

So we all know that the Abyssal Arena was a really cool place for the first 3-4 times we played it within a party,
but we also all know that it is actually NOT so funny to do it over and over, day after day, for months, heck! even years!

Imo, the main problems are 2 and they sadly lead to boredom, risking some players to simply burnout and leave the game (so it is in your interest to at least consider this discussion).

1- Monotony = Same mobs, same bosses, same spawning order, same spawn points and so on.

2 - Simplicity: the difficulty is so low that it doesn't even pose a challenge, but a mere point-and-click game.


But how can we improve the arena?

Well, here's some humble suggestions, I really hope that you will consider them:

1 - Add enemy variety: different mobs, different patterns, different spawning points, add some spicy randomness!

2- Add a level system: just like Blizzard did with Diablo 3 (greater rifts) and WoW (dungeon keys), so that those who are up to a challenge can try to increase the difficulty in order to get exclusive rewards (titles, better rewards, maybe even cosmetics and so on)

3 - New maps: maybe you could try to change the maps using portals instead of breaking the ground (cool idea, but portals are more "plausible" than a breaking ground), just like the infamous ESO Maelstrom Arena; in this way you could even re-use some old fancy maps (but please make new ones), maybe even with some environment elements such as falling, lava, etc)

4 - Events: maybe you could do some small changes each day (just like the current "gathering" event), some bigger changes every week (e.g. bosses receive some special buffs for each week, just like WoW), and finally, even bigger changes every month (e.g. renewed rewards for higher arena levels, new titles, cosmetics and so on)


And that's it!

I know I didn't add anything new: the suggestions that I proposed are "stolen" from other games, so they are not "original", but that's what a forum is made for, isn't it?
I hope you can unleash your fantasy and have a great day!

See you on Colhen Hot Springs ^^
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