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Region locked

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I'm returning player who started playing pretty much since first available beta version of game once became available in Europe. As far as I know my country got region blocked at some point, but as I was old player who spend actual money on this game I was allowed to play without issues. Even after merge to global servers there were no issues with it.

However now upon returning I find out that I'm completely blocked and can't continue. It appears game is licensed under some Russian company, but that license agreement completely does not include my country. In such case I can neither restart everything from the scratch even if I wanted to as my country doesn't fall under Russian licensing via Steam since it is not a part of CIS countries and never was not to mention it is part of EU union for the last decade. As far as I recall it was before any region blocks were implemented on Nexon EU version of a game.

My question is what could be done to recover my account and play a game again? Is there any actual possibility to play this game somehow if both versions blocked it of?