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Hello there!

I just had a thought:
What if you (developers) somehow "hide" the quests yet to be done or discovered in the mission board window?
I'm referring to the window which a player can access in multiple ways: quick battle, (k), depart (g) or going to the mission board (roleplay ftw!).

By doing so, In my opinion, you would achieve 2 goals:

Right now I have to be really careful not to click on a mission that I still have to discover;
that's because, if I do so, I may see the picture of the boss that I'm going to fight later on (hence spoilering a possible plot twist!).

Right now I just finished the quest "Red Stigma", so now I have to complete "Grave of Madness", but if I click on the next quest I already know that I'm going to fight against an important character

In this way the new player would be wondering who the next foes might be: is it going to be a boss? maybe even the final one? who knows?!

So, my proposals are:
1- Hide the boss picture: e.g. take the boss picture and pitch it black.
2- Hide the mission name: a solution might be to name the future missions as "???"
3- ALTERNATIVELY: Only show the completed and the current missions while completely hiding the next ones (so one could not "predict" when the last mission is going to take place).

By hiding the mission names (e.g. naming them "???") or by removing them completely, the new player would also be able to better focus on which quest to do
(I know that people can use the "Story Progression" giant-red-button, but I personally never use it because I don't like the concept...
But hey! I'm not saying to remove it: I think that it's a really good idea for lazy/casual players or people who are raising the 763473th character.

I think it would be a small improvement: I can't really see what are the possible cons of doing so...
Let me know in the comment section if you find some :)