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Hail Mercenaries!

Fiona coming back after a long time away. I was level 70 and had never done Season 2 content and 3 days later, I'm done Season 2 and am level 95 and farmed all the important titles, yay!

So a lot has changed about the game. I am a max level Armorsmith and am wondering if I should just get rid of any and all Season 1 drops like spider silks and break offs as the recipes seem to have all been changed. I need to open up storage for all these new mats..

What I get from inspecting other players is level 80 jewelry is still pretty used with the specific enchants made for them. Before I go and spend time enchanting it all - how does this 100% spell scroll thing work? I understand you can use 4 of a scroll to make one? I just don't see how to and haven't found the correct npc I'm guessing.

The gear they give you from leveling is pretty functional but after doing my first Regina raid last night I feel like a drain to the raid - but Fiona seems like she's in a better place than when I left years back.

Thanks in advance!