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Battelshade Lynn newbie here

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Hello guys!

So a bit backstory - me and couple of friends were playing Vindcitus since release but after some time we quit and since that date (as far as I remember the first time we quit was a bit after the Kai release) we are coming back to Vindictus every few years to try the new stuff for 2-3 months and then get bored of the farm and quit again.

Until now I have played Fiona (hammer and sword), Sword Vella and Glave Lynn. I like counter playstyles but for once I decide to change it a bit.

So I looked what's new and nothing catches my eye except the 2nd wep of Lynn (Blute/Battleshade). Because I have missed the server merge all my characters are deleted and I have to start over.

The last time I have played the game is 2015 I think and a lot of the characters and the systems in the game are reworked. I will have to catch up on that, which means that I may ask a dump questions here and there.

I already read a lot of articles about the UMBRELLA how it works etc. and yesterday I started my character. It is not that easy to use but I think in a week I'll be fine.

End of the backstory


1. I`m more interested on how much ATK Speed I need for this weapon in order to be effective ? As far as I remember I needed sht tons of speed for the Glave.

2. What is the go to build as far as Armor / Wep / Scrolls ?

3. Why the hell my Dodge does not work without the directional key ? As far as I understood I can press SPACE for first type of dodge, then I can do it with direction + space and there is 3rd hop thingy. For now I can do only direction + space and the Hopping thing.
P.S. I think it needs Rank A in order to be able to do that but let me know am I correct.

4. Which is the go to combo to clear the levels? For now this is the hardest part for me.

Thank you in advance for your help!