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First timer wanting to ask about the game

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Hello! So I've downloaded the game and played for an hour or so, but I'd like to ask some questions before I decide to really commit into the game.

The gameplay itself is kinda fun for me, but so far I haven't met any other players in-game besides the ones in the world chat.
Is it because I'm still in the "newbie town" or is the population just kinda non-chatty? The game's tutorial is kinda not very informative and still leaves me lost most of the time. I've tried googling/youtube-ing some stuff but most of the guides and posts I've found were from 2016, and I'm unsure if they're outdated/irrelevant in the game's current content.

Next question, is this a game where I can just casually play maybe 1-2 hours a day or is it one of those "need to grind everyday, all day otherwise you're left behind in both gears and content" kind of game? While it's not gonna stop me from playing because, well, it's kinda fun, I'd like to at least know what I'm getting into.

And maybe the last question for now, what's the least gear-dependent class that's suited for newbies to the genre? So far I've only tried Hurk and Fiona but I'm open to ideas and suggestions.

That will be all for now, well met and thanks in advance!