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Feeling lost as a returning merc

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So the returning merc event roped me back into Vindi after being absent for maybe a year tops. The +12 orange gear helped for awhile, then I got to Surprise Attack. It was then that I learned the first lesson about Vindi right now: no QB, No party. I say this because S.A. requires 43k bp to host a QB. That roadblock didn't bother me--at first. After learning that I could upgrade some stats, I sold everything I had on any character I had (which rounded up to about 100m), then spent it upgrading one part of my weapon. Combining it with kayna potion and premium soap, I only amount to 41k so....now I feel lost.

I mostly feel lost now because I'm not where I should be grinding or what I should be doing to go beyond even further (I'd do a quick super sayan 3 reference joke here but I'm a bit bummed out). The marketboard is weird. I've never seen average amount set to an exact amount for some mats (some are exactly set at 5m or 10m and never budging). I'm already wearing some cash shop stuff so I can't go beyond that. And I can't even try booming the +12 weapon I have because it's coded as "restored".

Can anyone help me figure out my next move? And also, after S.A., are there more story quests with more B.P. requirements after?