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why doesn't Sylas's Extinction Roar crit?

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in Sylas
a friend of mine was telling me this awhile ago on steam and this still hasn't been patched yet, they buffed and fixed a lot of his stuff not too long ago but from my tests this is still a problem


  • HaizakiHaizaki
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    Sylas extinction roar does crit my friend.
  • SaphreeSaphree
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    It does crit, but it has a lot of other problems like going on enemies that don't/can't take damage, having the marker effect on your bar go onto a random slot, getting out of i-frames, and other problems.
  • OkatsuOkatsu
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    Only korea ever had the extinction roar that didn't crit and it was changed early on. Extinction roar on NA has always crit.
  • JoochuJoochu
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