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Back 3 years later

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I ve played actively that game from 2011 to 2015/16 : 4 years through season1 and large maps of season 2
i remmber of my last raids Regina & Ancient Glas then i move on another mmo

I though Vindictus was dead asf but the story still on going and new characters are being released (cant wait for Miul, Arisha's siblings)
so i decided to come back.

I m still getting familiar with that Rise Update
I really like the new Ui everything is smoother and convenient
I m still a bit confused about crafting : looks like i need to get further in season 3 raids (Echoaid, ect ?)

When i was active i played Adys (ScytheEvie) and Ashioko (ArishaSpellsword)
Now i m with Aynin (LynnBlüte) lv 80 just starting season 3 all over again

I wonder if guilds (and pvp?) are still active here IG
(my previous guilds were Forsaken - Insight and Teardrop)

I hope i ll stick to the game this time, i m excited to play that intense action rpg again but I m a bit Rusted ^^