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Charles Expedition

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in Bug Reporting
I tried this dungeon about 4 times now...And I can't break the Crystals (shooting Charles Bombs work though).
Normal Bullets are ineffective no mater how many times I fire at them
The special ammunition (2 and 3) are ineffective as well. I got one of them to work like once out of all the attempts.
ONLY the 4th one, the Beam one works as it is intended.

I tried aiming right on the crystals
I tried aiming before the crystals
I tried hitting the black rock part of the crystals
I tried shooting ones from afar
I tried shooting ones point blank.

None of these seem to work for me.
I asked other people to try it but I was ignored (not blocked, just...ignored)

I even watched old videos on how to do the dungeon to see if I was doing something wrong (I wasn't).
Can someone please confirm this issue.