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Hi im New/Returning and have an TON of questions

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Hello I'm new!~
I played a long time ago and stopped around 49. I then came back to the game sometime years ago and got a boost to 50 ( I'm not sure how exactly I got it) i proceeded to level that 50 to 70 something.

I have heard some things about the game and I was wondering about them.
Here are my questions, i have a ton answer what you want. No one person HAS to answer them all or any, I would just like to see some peoples thoughts on things and maybe get some general information. I could probably Fish on the forums for all of the answers i need, but I keep coming to either "troll" posts it seems or "troll answered" posts... Or its stuff thats from early 2018 or 2017 or 2016 and the further back it is the less use it is... I know I'll ask way to many questions and I know I will think of more, probably right after writing the post and posting it... So my discord is Aka#3643 If someone would like to play vindictus or just be friends or possibly they find it easier to respond to some questions there! idk really haha!

1. Levels
Whats max level? Does level super matter? Is this a game where "the real game doesn't start till you hit max level"? About how long does it take to get to max level?

2. PVP
I know they had pvp then i heard they removed pvp(idk if this is true) ? Is it back? Is it fun?

3. Playerbase
I hear(read) so many threads posts or hear from friends that this game is dead (insert dead game meme)
So is the game actually dead? Would you say more people play Non steam or On steam? Steam charts put this game at approximately 100 to 400 average concurrent players. (across both EU and NA) Are more people player EU or on NA? ( i see they merged NA east and west together, (i think?) )

4. Returning
Would you recommend coming back to this game? Would you recommend this game to people who never played before?

5. P2W
I hear this game is at its core p2w. What kind of p2w is it? Can you play this game Non paying for it? If you do need to pay money what do you need to as a "must" pay for? I'm not really seeing anything in the shops that say they "level you up" or the ability to "purchase items" like out right... infact im not even seeing the "rental" gear that used to be in the game either...

6. Classes
I see soooo many class have been added since i played ( I last remembered the release of Hurk and going "whoa its just like the dude for the story!" )
What are your favorite classes to play? Is there a specific reason behind it? I originally started at a lann it was fun to use the dual wield and slash things but never got super far, my 70 character was a korak I played that because it was fast paced and i played Cestus because it was fun to go jumping around punching things.
Are there classes that are Fast? I should rephrase possibly, classes that move fast, for instance if i want to clear distance between monsters quickly or kill mobs fast and move on fast ( speed runs ) in a sense but maybe less speed runs competitively more so i just wanna go fast! haha.
Have many classes been reworked? or have abilitys been added to old classes or anything?

7. Transformations
I don't really remember 2nd transformations and i think the system was reworked but Im not sure.
are transformations still a 1 time per day thing? Is it still skewed to be the dark transformation? I never really saw anyone not a single person actually play the other one when i played... people only played the dark one... i saw it on youtube but never played as one or with one...

Sorry again for soooo many questions I just feel if i made my own post thats the only way to get "accurate" "up to date" information... ha... sorry again