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question about priorites :D

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in Lynn
+hello fellow lynnis

ive been away from the game for quite some time, and everything is new and shiny. especieally the new weapon, which i am learning at this time and which is also a lot of fun so far.

now, i quit the game when good ol' ferg took my soul one too many times. but i see they made a lot of changes to the enhance and enchant system, so i thought to my self. new weapon, new content why not give it a go and check everything out, since vindi is probably my all time fav game from a gameplay perspective.

im sitting on welfare gear right now with all the +12 stuff i got from the redeployment package. my old glaive is +13 and only slightly better than what i got from the pack.

so far so good, i playing all the story quests and i am lvl 98 at the moment, with the next story quest being the Macha raid and im starting to wonder about a couple of things.

I really dont know what to focus on right now. from what i gathered this new stat counterforce is going to be pretty important. but i also want a new weapon. im basically starting over with noting. i have barely any money or ressources and im really wondering what to prioritize.

ill leave some bulletpoint questions here and id appreciate any input on how to further progress with my gear.

- prioritize weapon over accesories?
- and if so, skip dulla weapon and reforge my +12 welfare lvl 90 weapon?
- reforge my +12 armor and keep it or get new dulla armor?

eventually i want to do allö those things, i was just wondering whats the smartest way to go about it and what to get first. for the astera stuff id assume accessories are the most importnat since i have 0 CF. but then again how realstiv is it to get to the expected 130 CF any time soon?

im a little overwhelmed even though i feel i have good grasp on how to do things, i dont knwo what is the most important.

i love this game and i love lynn and i love every lynn player and i need your help <3

PS: i know this would probably be better in the general section. but who cares