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Cross Gun Kai Guide

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Hello everyone

I have noticed that Gun Kai is mainly for damage while Bow Kai is mainly for survival.

That being said...
I have some information as to how to maximize DPS with Gun Kai and what Skill Awakenings to use on what Gun Skills. Also, a trick I have learned to do the most damage possible using skills.

Having 90 Balance is extremely important for Maximizing your damage output. That goes for any character.
Attack Speed:
I recommend 50+ Attack Speed for Gun Kai
The more Critical you have the better. I recommend at least 150+ with Gun Kai

Skill Awakenings:
I have found that these Skill Awakenings are most effective with Gun Kai

Hollow Shot: Damage Boost
Perforate: Damage Boost
Spin Smash: Damage Boost
Six Shooter: Damage Boost
Hand Bomb: Damage Boost
Hunting Party: Efficient SP
Enhanced Bolt: Major Cooldown
Bolt Storm: Efficient SP
Bunker Buster: Damage Boost
Massive Impact: Major Cooldown

Gun Kai tricks:
Activate Enhanced Bolt...

Use Gun skills in this order with Enhanced Bolt activated...
-->Double Hollow Shot
-->Six Shooter
-->Double Hollow Shot

*repeat after Enhanced Bolt cooldown*

While you are waiting on the cooldown on Enhanced Bolt...
-->Bolt Storm
-->Massive Impact

ALWAYS Bolt Storm before Massive Impact if possible because you will build extra SP from Bolt Storm before you use Massive Impact.

While you are waiting on all your skills to cooldown just use Normal Attacks and Armed and Dangerous Buff until all your skills cooldown.

ALWAYS USE HUNTING PARTY BUFF IN RAIDS! I see a lot of Gun Kai who do not do this.

Hope this was a helpful guide to Gun Kai. Hope you all have a great day. :3