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FatalShadows is Recruiting

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FatalShadows guild is recruiting players.
I am your Guild Master (Darkdays135), I have been playing Vindictus since 2014 and I am an experienced player with much knowledge to offer.

FatalShadows is built on the foundation of Friendliness, Helpfulness, Teamwork, and Competitiveness.
We do have a Guild House with all Furniture unlocked.
Guild Storage becomes available once members reach Senior rank. (I do this for good reason)

I have a few Administrators to help maintain the functionality of the guild.
Of course I have more openings for Administrators in the guild for members who prove themselves to me as Trustworthy, Reliable, and Helpful.
Guild Storage becomes available once members reach Senior rank, I do this for a reason.

I do not require members to be active; however, I highly recommend and encourage it. I RARELY kick members from the guild for inactivity
The level requirement for players to join this guild is level 70+, however, I do make exceptions for players who are active and focus on hitting that level requirement to be in this guild.

Come Join The Dark Side, WE HAVE COOKIES! :3