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Eira Ein Tips

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in Guidebook to Eira
1. Start every battle using all 3 of your special bullets

AqXVUfE.png > jpLfM3W.png > xUaaKSD.png

2. Eira can play Ein very safely and abuse her range with the TAB TAB R R combo

Fe9JDKn.png > Fe9JDKn.png > UgWJ3Ny.png > uCzUTSy.png

3. Activate Mana Phase RUJbzRy.png if you are running low on either MP or Stamina to keep moving and attacking. Make sure to always have 250 sp (1bar) to activate this skill in emergencies.

4. Quantum Ruin bQGRwbW.png does not give you i-frames as shes jumping up (iframe begins as shes falling down) and after jumping off, this move is bait and I recommend to only use it when the boss knocks themselves down.

5. Although I recommend just spamming TAB TAB R R (tip#2) , you can go for the big damage combo TAB R R R if you are 100% confident you can pull it off without the boss attacking you.

Fe9JDKn.png > M9D0AwM.png > xuNKKue.png > CNzHVrU.png

6. Make sure you exit out of portal leap safely since exciting out of the portal does not give you i-frames.

7. Don't play greedy.

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