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Noob asking for advice.

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Hey everyone, I'm a new player, currently level 75 with 12h clocked in, chose Hurk as a first character. Now I've been reading some info and watched a guide or two, but as someone who's never played more unorthodox MMOs, I'm very set on the whole "having a rotation that you repeat" and since Vindictus doesn't work like it's been kinda difficult to wrap my head around optimal play. In general, what are the dos and don'ts for Hurk? I've been trying to always keep max Awakening and use Execution at 5 levels, dodging into the boss for deflecting and doing damage, but since reaching S2 I'm feeling like I'm doing very subpar on performance and damage. Got any good resources and tips for a guy fresh off the boat? I hear you only stop being a noob after a few weeks past level 90 xD.