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Having trouble pulling my weight

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I have returned after a break (left a few weeks after Arcana release) and have finished the story through Lugh2. I have been seeming to get stuck in the 4th spot on damage nearly every run since my Guidance buff has be used up and it is generally under 10%, and a bit more often it is under the 7% on Macha onwards.
I also have done 0 redeemers battles.

Working with a limited budget and a few lucky drops from farming I was able to create
* A full set of Astera Armor and enhanced to +11 (Currently all are waiting to be reforged since I failed the +12 jump on them)
* A Astera Weapon and enhanced to +12 (Currently waiting to be reforged since I failed the +13 jump on it)
* Book of Legacy
* Greater Cat Statue
* Dulla and Aes Ring combo (+16 and +20 currently)
* Enhanced my Eochaid and Abomination Belt/Earring Combo from the quest (+17 and +18 currently)
* Diamond/Ruby/Emerald Silver Bracelet (Still have one Diamond/Ruby Copper)

Obvious upgrades would be
* Sealed Belt
* Devil's Earrings
* Silver Bracelet #2
* Replacing my Warlord's Healthy Erg Core Brooch (yikes)

My Weapon Essence has Max ATK and 3/4 Speed and Shaken Lv 3 ( I don't have 50 macha kills yet), all the Ore's in the weapon have the + Critical maxed.

My Current stats with AP Necklace, AP Epulate x1, Cadet Badge 30 day and fine soap (700 atk/700def/500hp)
* 54,124 Power
* 242 Tech * 34,224 ATT
* 2896 Str * 19,900 DEF
* 1793 Agi * 162 Critical
* 1879 Wil * 195 Critical Damage
* 80 Bal * 127 Critical Resist
* 54 ATT SPD * 2,500 Additional DMG
* 0 ATT Limit * 122 Counterforce

All of my skills are maxed, most of my skills have 8% dmg on them (a few 10% dmg) and BS and Garb both have 70 SP on them. Also all of my gear are sitting at 2 stars at the moment, close to a +1 star coupon which i'm assuming I should use on my weapon.

I feel like, for starters, that my gear is in an okay place but when I step into raids starting at Sealed Elchlus (Devil's Tower) and onward I am getting hit for a 3rd or more of my health, I am getting knocked down or staggered a lot ( and I know this comes from practice to not get hit) or just basically the boss thinks i'm a wet paper bag and I just die. I feel like rotationally I am be doing something wrong. I have read a lot of the guides here on the forums and elsewhere (espcially Yagamin's guide which has been a great help learning niche things on bosses as well) and I FEEL like i'm doing great damage and then the numbers pop up and it is a whopping 7.55% and I feel bad for the group who just carried me and the fact that I may have just nicked a drop and that I didn't pull my weight. I have also been told by a few Miri's I have grouped with that they tell me I am too aggressive which I am guessing means I should be not clicking as much as I am, waiting for boss openings to parry or dodging out when boss attacks are winding up.

Are my stats in an okay place and I should be at a point where I should be pulling a bit more than I am and it is just a gameplay issue, or is there something else I should be aiming for on my gear as a step up. Should I be working on increasing my DEF and Crit Resist? I read through the new players / gearing up guide by Yuria100 and another by Submersed which stated 33-35k ATK, 73-78 Bal, 161-166 Critical, and 3000 AD I should be able to pull my weight in raids (hitting all of that but short 500 AD) Also sitting on a very low budget (around 15m cash)
If you are interested more in what enchants etc I have my character is Kefkaa in game and I am sitting at roughly rank 56 for Miri. (will try to figure out how to get a few pictures up at some point here as well for helping with that)
Thanks for any advice or feedback! And thank you to Salamandinay for letting me bug you with questions the other night cat statue etc.