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Vindictus will not run on Windows Pro N

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Hi, i tried downloading and play vindictus but it will not launch, before i get into the problem here is a list of things if tried.

-Launching as an admin
-Downloading and trying to launch it from steam
-Verifying integrity via steam and the launching it.
-Seperatly downloaded the missing files and dragged it into the vindictus game folder (turns out they were already there, vindictus just cant acess them)

Now after all my research it turns out vindictus will not launch on Windows 10 PRO N version (the version i run) i've looked at over 10+ forum posts, steam posts and so on and every person who has had the same error as me is running Windows 10 PRO N

So, the error: When i try to launch vindictus it doesnt start up, no black window, nothing then theese two errors pop up:



Both of theese have valve in the dll name so i thought i just had to download it through steam. Nope...
Can anyone run Vindictus on 10 PRO N?