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Having trouble with Belle Registration

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Hi, I found Vindictus on Steam and I've been playing for about 4 months now, ever since Eira came out. Since I was brand new, I missed her registration so I was really excited about getting to register for Belle but I don't think I can because I play thru Steam? I was never asked to sign up for a Nexon account, I've never had trouble logging in or playing the game thru steam but now it's not registering me as having an account. I tried making a Nexon account with the same email as my Steam account hoping it'd sync up but instead it was asking me to enter a Nexon account to link to. I downloaded the Nexon Launcher but I have no idea where my account is or how to access it when I try to use the Nexon Launcher. Is my entire account lost if I play anywhere except Steam and does that mean I can't register for Belle?