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Winter Golden Time Bug?

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Hi, I got the Winter Golden Time Box for 12/22 and when I first read the page on "http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/54766/winter-golden-time-event,"; it used to say that the Permanent Hair Pass was "Sharable within account." Because it said that, when the box arrived, I opened it on a character that I don't need that ticket on. The instant I opened it though, I noticed that I couldn't put in in my Shared Storage to give to my other character. When I looked back at the page I mentioned earlier, sometime between when the page was first put up and now, they crossed out the "Sharable within account" with "All trades not possible." Since this error was caused by misinformation from the official Winter Golden Time page, is there any way that someone could help me move that pass to the character I originally intended to give it to?