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Feedback about redeemers raids and guild skills

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I dont like grinding for redeemers raids just to have additional stats. I sent a ticket about this but supports kept told me to have to open a thread in feedbacks.
You can remove these additional stats and add other rewards like damascuss steel etc and guarantee people to get these items each week. Why i should done these raids x50 or more times to have extra crits etc? This is so boring. I can have stats on gear etc but not from raids and i dont wanna keep grinding for these raids. This is very tiring whenever i want to create a new character and if i want to play as my main. Then i will need to grind for redeemers raids for these additional stats. Make game easier for new players and all players to play on multiple characters and will be more easier when players want to change their main characters.

I dont like to join a guild just to have more entries for raids and for guild cores to have extra drops. So there is new fatigue system and we will need to play on alt characters too (when we dont have enough fatigue points on main characters).
Let us play without needing to join a guild. You can add departure licenses x3 as daily reward and we can have them when we done dailies or we can have as login rewards.

Note: I opened this topic to report my problems and opinions to tell Vindictus Team. I will not discuss with people about this topic. I think I can report my problems since I am a vindictus player and i dont need any permission. I do not expect everyone to agree with me. But i have to report my problems as a player.

Best regards.