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Hi, I'm new! Lann - Twin Swords or Twin Spears?

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Hi, I played Vindictus for the first time in 2014 or 2015 I think, back then there were only about 9 characters, but I only played for a short time and gave up. The reason I gave up back then is because apart from thte battle system, everything else was confusing. Now I started playing again and unlike the last time I started to actively look to understand how the game works.

Now I can say that I got the basics: how the system of combo attack actually works and there are different types of power attacks depending how many regular attacks you do before. That apart from HP you also have Stamina nad SP for skills, that there is a "quest storyline" for your character that gives you a lot of XP, that there is also AP that you gain from battles and this allows you to upgrade your abilities, that there are also Titles that increase your stats a little bit, I looked on how enchancement and enchantment work. So now I have a solid idea on how the game works and find it much more enjoyable.

I started playing as Lann with Twin Swords but at level 12 I was also given Twin Spears and have the option to play both, but I believe I must only focus on one of them, since you can't use them both at the same time and it's better to master 1 than be an average in both. I can't decide between Twin Swords or Twin Spears, any suggestions?

Which is better in PvE? Which is better in PvP?

I have 0 PvP experience so far, but from my personal PvE experience I can tell Twin Spears are easier to use and deal a lot more area damage while Twin Swords are a bit harder since they mostly focus on 1 target, you can hit multiple targets too but the moves and skills are generally rounded around 1 target, your attacks can be canceled by a breaking enemy attack which is something that they can't do against Twin Spears, however, despite of their flaws Twin Swords deal way more damage than the Twin Spears. I played the same boss with Twin Swords and Twin Spears, the Twin Swords were level 12 and Twin Spears level 16, both +3, and the difference was huge, a lot more damage was dealt with Twin Swords despite on paper Twin Spears having better stats, probably because of the skills, but when I was using Twin Spears, despite dealing little damage compared to Twin Swords it was hard if not impossible for the enemy to block or deflect my attacks, it was more of a matter of spamming attacks and properly dodging to win. Oh, and the Twin Sword is limited by stamina so you need to take a 5-6 rest after your stamina goes 0, where as Twin Spear never seem to run out of stamina, making them even more easy to use than I originally thought. But at the same time, the 3rd and 4th power attacks of Twin Swords are very powerful dealing a lot of damage, where as all power attacks of the Twin Spears are kind of meh in terms of damage.

Please tell me if I got anything wrong.

So far, I have the imprssion that Twin Swords is like Desert Eagle from CS:GO, hard to master but very powerful if you learn how to get a good shoot, where as Twin Spears is more like Five-Seven or Tec-9, the point is to move around and keep shooting because you're still accurate while doing so. I decided to play Twin Sword for the moment, simply because they have way better damage than the Twin Spears if used properly, especially with the 3rd and 4th power attack, and I like swords. But I want to know whether I'm making the right decision in the long-term.

Compared to the rest of the characters, how good is Lann in PvE and PvP?
Are Twin Swords or Twin Spears better in PvE? and in PvP?

Do you also have some good tips on how to make a good Lann character focused on PvP? what about a good Lann character focused on PvP?

Thank you!