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Spear Lann Comet Dash (bug?)

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So I finally made a spear Lann for the bolstering event and It's been a blast!
It's been so much fun I've been thinking of maining him... but there's a problem,
I find myself using Comet Dash to try and hold down raid bosses with mixed results.
I know lots of Season 3 bosses can only be held down at certain times and I make sure to hit them when they are open,
sometimes I land the first hit and the animation plays out correctly with the boss held down,
but most of the time I land the first hit of the animation and the boss flinches but then we continue as if nothing happened.
The only reason I know it should be actually working is because I've hit bosses at low HP with the start of the animation and they continue fighting as if alive with the overkill damage on them and they finally die once enough time has passed as if the animation had been playing out and just finished.
Maybe I'm just doing something wrong? I'm still fairly new to spear Lann so maybe I'm missing something? If so please let me know!