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For about 2 weeks now I haven't been able to send or receive whispers. What happens is, when a friend sends me a whisper it only shows their name and a blank message field. When I try to reply or send a whisper to someone, I can see what I'm typing but once I hit send my message disappears. My friend can see what I said but I can't. One of my friends sent me an invite to their chatroom and we were able to speak that way, but when I tried to send an invite to MY chatroom, a system message says I can't. I'm confused and annoyed. It's a good thing that I have Discord because people thought I was ignoring them. My laptop is new and I've uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher. The other tabs (Party, Guild, System, etc.) works as it always has but for some reason I just can't whisper.

Any help would be appreciated - I need my whispies, man.