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Broken Whispers

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My whispers are broken! Help!

People can see what I say to them , but I can't see what they say to me - and when I go to check if I have a whisper by opening the actual whisper box, it only shows the name of the person who is trying to whisper me. When someone invites me to their personal chatroom everything works, but when I try to invite someone to mine, it acts just like the whispers. I type a message and once I hit send it disappears. All of the other tabs (Guild, Party, System, etc) work as they always have. It's only my whispers and my personal chatroom that are bugging & I'm losing my mind. Good thing I have Discord because friends thought I was ignoring them or AFK. It's been about a month now and I've posted asking for help awhile ago with no response. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher; My laptop is new and has no issues with anything else... Not sure what's going on. Thanks in advance for any help or feedback I get.