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Lann spears upgrade advice

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So Lann Spear in the past was "spin2win" and today Lann Spear is all about Moon Spliting and Gliding
these days Grand Hurrance is not usefull like it used to be, in the past that was the most usefull move beacsue you could always attack and dodge the same time
so these days we left with Moon Spliting and Gliding - why not to open another way to play with the Lann Spear and also make him both "spin2win" and Moon Spliting to Gliding
there is a easy way to do it, just if you holding Smash Button while Grand Hurrcane and Dodge its will Dodge with the Old Fury Infusion Evasion
and than you just continue Grand Hurrcane, but if you Dogde and not holding the Smash Button while Grand Hurracne you will make the Normal Evasion - Slip Dash

For Example:

Grand Hurrcane + Evasion while holding smash button = Old Fury Infusion Evasion and option to contiune Grand Hurrcane and repeat
Grand Hurrcane + Evasion without holding smash button = Slip Dash Evasion