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Hello friends,

Long time is Miri nerfed, and all characters have buffs... I think, now can Nexon make Miri back.

This game loosing player.. I think this game is absolutely unable to keep players here for a long time ..

The reasons are not just Miri. The main reasons are still stupid changes in the balance of characters. Because why do they get worse if they know that others will improve? Does that make sense to you? Not me, and the community will like it because why not, I kindly wish that some of them get up from their sad dream, and especially NEXON who listens to the whine, not reality

If some of them were for what ... And they took work on it and did not judge how fools, they would try to do Miri and compare with Eira. Now tell me where there is any balance? After all, Eira will give EVERY DOUBLE DAMAGE .. And does it make sense to worsen Eira? No! Why? Because anyway, other characters will improve .. And I do not understand at all the meaning of it all .... There is no need to make Miri beast, I do not want Eira deteriorate, I just want Miri to come back what she took .. Because right now, after upgrading all possible characters, that would be all right.

Can you argue how terribly OP was and how it will still be really on top? The Eira +12 dullahan gun gives 24k DMG if it gives a critical hit and has NO CHARGE DRAGON. Miri +12 astera gives 12k if it gives critical HIT. + She has to recharge the dragon and think intelligently to charge the buff, unlike Eira. Transformation: There is no need for any deterioration and change, there is a cooldown quite long and cost little SP. So I don't understand why the whole nexon looks so arrogant towards Miri.

Thanks, have a beutifull day.