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2cd Password Reset And Ability To Send Tickets

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I have two problems I'm facing right now. One I haven't played Vindictus in years and I am a returning member and would like to play again. But I cannot remember my Secondary Password, after some attempts I tried to reset it but heres where the problem is, when I click to reset my Secondary Password for Vindictus, it tells me it sent me an email to reset the password. But I checked my inbox, and my spam/junk folder and I haven't received it. This was started like two days ago and I tried several times to have an email sent to my account to reset the Secondary Password. So I went to the next step and tried contacting Support, but I am unable to submit or even enter Support ticket screen, every time I try to sign in or click "Submit a Ticket" it redirects back to Support Home Page except I noticed this in the URL "Cannot Sign In, Suspended User". I made a alternate account just for the purpose of contacting support about these two issues and a GM told me that there is an existing ban on my account, it wasnt made clear weather he meant "banned from submitting support tickets" or banned from Vindictus. Because I am able to login to the login screen on Vindictus and received friend requests and a notification that I have a gift for returning mercenaries and my account profile seems to still be up and I do not recall doing anything on the game Vindictus that could have gotten me banned because I haven't played it in years. Or any PC Nexon game in years for that matter, but I don't know what I could have possibly done to get a permanent ban from submitting support tickets, and I don't really think thats fair as that is a players way of asking GM's and devs for help with not just game related topics but account and billing help as well. So may someone help me out and please be able to tell me why is there a "ban" on my account for submitting tickets and to please lift this ban? I am simply just trying to return to the game to play again and I can't get the help I need. And none of this is really made clear so hopefully someone from the development team or an Game Admin can address this with me and help me please?