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Secondary Password Change, Unable to Submit Ticket

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Hi, I'm trying to change my Secondary Password because I cannot login into my game account. Its been years since I've played this game or any Nexon PC game for that matter and I am a returning member trying to play this game again, but I can't remember my Secondary Password, so I tried resetting it, when I go click the reset button for the Secondary Password, it tells me that it sent me an email in order to reset it, I checked my inbox, and my spam/junk folder and I didn't receive any email, this was over 2 days ago and I tried this several times, so when that wasn't working I went to the next step and tried submitting a ticket for GM support on this issue but I can't do that either. Every time I try logging in to support or click "Submit a Ticket" it redirects me back to Support Home Page except this time I noticed in the URL it says "Cannot Sign In, Suspended User". So then I made an alternate account just for the purpose of contacting support about these two issues and a GM told me that I have an existing ban on my account. He didn't specify what kind of ban because I doubt I am banned from Vindictus because I havent played the game in years and I don't think I've done anything to get a ban on the game, plus when I first tried logging in, I still received friend requests and it notified me I am getting a free gift for returning mercenaries. So I think my game profile is still up. Though he might mean im banned from submitting support tickets hence "Cannot Sign in, Suspended User" in the URL when I try submitting a ticket through support. But I'm not sure what or why I am banned for and if someone could shed some light on whats going on and why am I banned? Plus I didn't know you could get banned from submitting support tickets and I think thats honestly an unfair and bad idea because what if someone needed help or support with a game or some technical thing or even more importantly about billing related inquiries. So may I please speak to someone who works at Nexon or a Admin about helping me reset my Secondary Password and having this block from submitting support tickets lifted? Like I said I havent played any PC Nexon game in years and I'm just trying to return to the game and play again, thats all.